Kubernetes Consultancy

We offer Professional Services for Kubernetes and Cloud-Native technology. We know what it takes to get your technology stack to the next level. With our consulting and support services you can count on senior engineers with enterprise-level experience.

  • Implement

    You will get a production-grade Kubernetes stack according to the latest standards and best practices. We will install an example application including a CI / CD pipeline, which you can copy to run your own applications.

  • Integrate

    We will deliver a fully integrated platform so that you will be 100% ready to serve your customers. We will take care of integration with your tools like central IAM, Slack, Teams, ELK, Secret Vaults and more so you can focus on delivering business value

  • Onboard

    With technical hands-on workshops we personally onboard your engineers. They will learn to maintain, troubleshoot, and use the stack. Together, we will install a brand-new Kubernetes cluster as-code, add your first application manifests, create a CI / CD pipeline and setup monitoring & logging.

Kubernetes as code


Setting up your Kubernetes stack the right way requires experience. Kubernetes is not secure out-of-the-box and there are many technologies involved to setup a robust and scalable platform. We believe you should be able to focus on writing software for your business. We have extensive experience running Kubernetes in production. After many iterations, we know the best-practices and where Kubernetes really shines!

We setup your Kubernetes stack completely as-code, tailored for your organization. We use the latest open-source standards and best-practices and work 100% Cloud-Native. We will give you all the code, so you can safely build on top of the platform without any kind of vendor lock-in.





Monitoring your applications and infrastructure is crucial for success. You should know which metrics to look for, so you can solve issues before they are noticed by your end users. We know how to effectively monitor a Kubernetes stack. We will install monitoring & logging solutions, and configure the right metrics that are important to prevent downtime or performance issues.

The product includes standardized dashboards, alerts and integration with Teams, slack or other channels. You will have all the tools available to implement monitoring on your own applications in real-time and we will help you to set that up in the most optimal way.



Continuous Deployment


We know that you want to be fast. Time to market is often mentioned as one of the most important reasons to start with Kubernetes. This is why we strongly believe in Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) as the basis of our product.

Every commit your developers make will be processed immediately. Depending on your specific situation builds will be started, code scans executed and security checks performed. This happens in minutes.

The subsequent deployments to your Kubernetes cluster can be even quicker. We set everything up in a way that allows for deployments in seconds, where necessary in a canary or blue/green fashion.

  • Many iterations

    We have implemented Kubernetes many times in production. At scale. With success. We know what works and what doesn’t. After many iterations, we built a standardized stack based on the latest best-practices. We want to see you succeed!

  • No vendor lock-in

    We believe in Open Source and open standards. This is how Kubernetes was born and what made it successful. We build an open architecture, all components in the landscape are easily interchangeable. No architectural or vendor lock-in. We give you all the code, so you can extend it and build upon the platform.

  • Personal care

    We deliver quality and believe this is best done personally. We will take the time to personally teach you everything and answer your questions. We are here to help you, whether it is for an architectural sparring session or so you don’t have to spend days to fix an issue.

Kubernetes support

We offer enterprise-level support packages that cover your entire Kubernetes stack, including your Kubernetes Cloud configuration. We offer:

  • Slack channel for questions, email and phone
  • Business hours SLA with response-time
  • Tier 2 and 3 Technical support

Life Cycle Management

Did you know Kubernetes releases at least three major versions a year? And that most Kubernetes stacks have between 10-50 different tools & applications that need regular (security) upgrades? We offer LCM packages, so you won’t have to worry about this.

  • Security updates
  • Regular version updates


Implementation & migration

Are you thinking of migrating your platform to Cloud Native, and plan on using Kubernetes? We offer our services to help you with implementation and migration:

  • Kubernetes and containerization platforms
  • Cloud and Kubernetes Migrations
  • Application modernization (containers & microservices)


Platform Assessments

  • DevOps maturity
  • Cloud Native architecture assessment
  • Containerization / Kubernetes platform assessment
  • Security assessment

Kubernetes Stack

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