Digital Transformation

Find the right answers to your business challenges with our big data consulting services, advanced data analytics solutions, and big data development services



We help you re-engineer your core IT infrastructure, resolve technical debt, modernize legacy systems and business processes to pave the way for your business transformation initiatives. Depending on your business goals, we will align each of your systems with the best-suited modernization option.



  • Digital transformation consulting

  • Digital transformation strategy and implementation



Legacy modernization


Upgrading outdated technology systems is vital to greater efficiency and cost reduction. We offer full-cycle legacy modernization with no disruption to your business.


Application assessment is the key


Starting with thorough application assessment is pivotal to a successful legacy modernization process. We analyze your business vision and carefully review your legacy code, architecture, and visual feel to chart a modernization strategy that fits your needs best.



  • Business value assessment
  • IT Audit

  • Application assessment
  • Modernization decision matrix


Migrating to new technologies, platforms


Moving legacy systems to modern technology and platforms is a quick and cost-effective way of revitalizing your technology stack. We have the right expertise and experience to help you bring your legacy solutions into the digital era.

We tailor migration strategies to your business needs and migrate applications and data from on-premises infrastructure to the best fit environment with no data loss.


  • Migration to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform
  • Multi-Cloud Architecture Migration
  • Migration to modern technologies
  • Data Migration

  • Move from on-premises to IaaS, PaaS and SaaS cloud Service Models
  • Application Re-platforming
  • Application Re-hosting


Re-ignite obsolete applications


Our application re-engineering services breathe a new life into the code and design of your antiquated systems, boosting their functionality and scalability, enhancing their performance, and making them easier to maintain without affecting their business logic.


  • Application re-engineering
  • Refactoring legacy code
  • Reverse engineering

  • Rewriting application components
  • Migrating monolith applications to microservices


Ensuring connectivity across applications


Our integration services ensure seamless interoperability and data exchange across legacy applications and newer systems, as well as integration between on-premises and cloud-based applications.


  • API integrations
  • Customized connectors

  • Building data pipelines for cloud migration


Assuring quality


We provide rigorous quality assurance to ensure that modernized systems perform exactly as advertised. It incorporates all levels of manual and automated testing aimed at identifying and fixing bugs.


  • Component/unit testing
  • Integration and API testing
  • User acceptance testing
  • Performance/load testing

  • Security testing
  • Data migration testing
  • Code quality checks
  • Test automation

  • Business process transformation


Cloud migration


Foster collaboration, protect your data from cyberattacks, and optimize the cost and performance of your IT operations by moving your workloads off-premises with our cloud migration services


Every cloud migration needs, covered


With end-to-end cloud migration services, we care about every aspect of your experience with the cloud — from deciding which apps to migrate to validating the consistency of migrated information — to let you securely access business data from anywhere, anytime, and at lower costs.



Cloud Migration Consulting

We develop a business case and devise a custom cloud migration strategy, decide which components of your IT environment should be moved to the cloud and analyze migration risks, think over the compliance aspects and choose the right cloud implementation model and technology stack, as well as carry out migration testing and employee training


Cloud-to-Cloud Migration

We move your apps and data to a new cloud platform that best meets your changing business needs and provides for better performance and scalability. We set up cloud application migration best practices to transfer your assets with minimal disruption to your business workflows


Cloud Exit

We analyze your cloud infrastructure to justify moving back to on-premises servers and ensure seamless cloud repatriation with no data losses or performance degradation regardless of your existing cloud deployment model

Infrastructure Migration

We analyze your needs to choose an optimum IaaS vendor, plan and execute a custom infrastructure migration strategy, and verify that the new infrastructure performs without any performance or security losses





Application Migration

We seamlessly migrate your apps to the cloud, choosing the most fitting migration strategy — whether it’s rehosting, re-platforming or refactoring — and connect them to on-premises infrastructure components via secure custom APIs


Data Migration

We migrate your databases quickly and securely, ensuring that no data is lost and maintaining the source database during the migration to minimize downtime


Best-fit cloud deployment models

Having helped hundreds of businesses to reach new heights with the possibilities of the cloud, we always find the best cloud environment for safeguarding your data and streamlining workflows.



For quick migration to cloud computing with unlimited scalability, low upfront costs, and guaranteed maintenance


Private cloud

For unmatched security, total control over your apps and data, and wider opportunities for personalization and customization



For more flexibility and the possibility for the data and apps to move freely between on- and off-premises environments


For even higher scalability with no vendor lock-in and the ability to easily meet emerging IT needs branching out to different cloud providers


Distributed cloud

For targeting location-dependent use cases with no latency issues and minimized risk of downtime


A proven approach for fast and risk-free cloud migration


While relying on field-tested processes, we tailor them to your needs to design, validate, and execute a cloud migration strategy that causes little to no disruption to your workflows and brings fast payoff.



We assess your workloads and network architecture, security concerns, and compliance requirements, as well as analyze the motives that drive your move to the cloud to develop a strategy for fast and risk-free migration



We design a thought-out cloud migration plan for transferring your apps, databases, and other components of your on-premises infrastructure to the optimum cloud environment



We transfer your workloads and conduct migration testing to make sure no data gets lost during migration and the new environment handles the load correctly


We continuously monitor and optimize your cloud environment and adjust instance usage to let you efficiently run cloud services at minimal costs




We cater for your cloud infrastructure on a managed services basis to make sure it is high-performing, scalable, and secure



What you get with our cloud migration services


A cloud migration company with a decade of experience in cloud consulting and development, we guarantee risk-free migration to let you enjoy the benefits of the cloud to the fullest


Optimum technology stack

We rely on industry best practices and use top cloud computing platforms and tech to meet your business requirements


Continuous optimization

When moving your infrastructure, apps, and data to the cloud, we put our extensive DevOps expertise into action for a smoother and faster migration

Effective cost management

We make sure that your cloud solution is designed to scale flexibly along with your business and consume resources only when necessary


Unconditional security

We set up advanced access management, data encryption, and API security best practices to protect your cloud software from all kinds of cyberattacks



  • Cloud Application Refactoring


  • Microservice and API architecture, development, and integration

Migrate to the Cloud

Technology Stack

Migrate to the Cloud