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Find the right answers to your business challenges with our big data consultiang services, advanced data analytics solutions, and big data development services


Our wide-ranging data management services will help you squeeze every drop of business value out of your data


Data governance

We offer comprehensive data governance services to support your entire data journey — from capturing to storing to analyzing it. We’ll lay down a data strategy and outline all the necessary procedures for ensuring data security, privacy, and quality and supervise their implementation


Data quality management

We’ll evaluate your data management processes and the available data to ensure your decision-making is as reliable as possible. We’ll check whether your data is complete, valid, unique, accurate, and consistent and review your data management flow for accountability and transparency


Master & metadata management

t’s not only your business assets that we keep in focus but also metadata. We design a master and metadata management strategy, set up standards and data quality metrics, and put down procedures for easy data access, navigation, and sharing.


Data integration

We’ll help you integrate data from multiple sources into a single, cohesive data store. We will set up data cleansing, ETL, and data transformation processes, so you can have one-stop access to all of the essential data and enjoy accurate and effective business intelligence


Data migration


Looking to increase your app’s mobility and enable anytime, anywhere access to your business data? We will recommend trustworthy [enterprise data platform vendors](, migrate your data infrastructure from an on-premises setting to the cloud, and carry out post-migration testing to make sure no record gets lost

Data architecture optimization

If you struggle with your data infrastructure’s performance or costs, we will help you redesign your data ecosystem to enable the seamless flow, management, and consumption of the fast-growing volumes of structured and unstructured data while optimizing instance usage and storage costs


Data security

We’ll start with an audit to identify the current state of your data security methods and policies. Then, we’ll design a data security strategy, setting up all the necessary processes, metrics, access rights, and technology tools to protect your data from unauthorized use


Data analytics

We harness the power of BI, ML, and AI technologies to process data at speed and scale, allowing you to tap into descriptive and predictive analytics and making sure everyone in your organization makes data-driven business decisions


Disaster recovery

We’ll help you support critical business functions by recovering your data infrastructure following any disruptive events. We’ll set up policies, tools, and procedures to quickly restore your data and services with minimal harm to your business


Enterprise data management & storage

No matter whether you prefer to store your data on-premises or in the cloud, we’ll help you create a flexible data storage solution that scales with your business. We implement data lakes, data warehouses, and end-to-end data ecosystems, including AI-powered ones, so you can always have structured and cleansed data at hand



We start with analyzing your data, data sources, business goals, and available infrastructure components to create the best-fit data management solution. Even though we tailor our data management services to better suit a company’s needs, the essential flow stays alike.




Collecting internal and external data from available databases, file repositories, streaming APIs, and other sources.



Administering, versioning, cleansing, standardizing, correcting, and validating the integrated data.


Contextualization and enrichment

Identifying and removing duplicates and, if needed, bringing in more data sources to restore missing information.


Having your data stored in a secure environment with easy querying, fast retrieval, and prompt response times.



Driving insights

Running data through analytics algorithms to reveal trends and predictions and visualizing the insights via dashboards and reports



End-to-end data science consulting and development services to help you dive into your data and access breakthrough insights for better performance

A data science company with 10+ years of hands-on experience, we use advanced methods and tools to transform diverse data extracted from disparate sources into actionable insights.



Statistical Methods

We apply descriptive statistics, advanced time-series forecasting, and Bayesian inference to establish relations between events and predict their aftermaths


Machine Learning

We use supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning to create data science solutions that handle complicated tasks with little to no human help and automate business operations

Neural Networks

We train convolutional, recurrent, generative adversarial, and other types of neural networks to enable speech and image recognition, create voice interfaces and recommendation engines, and more



With a team of in-house senior-level data experts, we provide comprehensive big data analytics services to help your business grow

We have the technological and strategic knowledge to assist you with specific expertise on unique data issues or build a data analytics solution that collects, ingests, cleans, and analyzes data, from the ground up.



Uncover data opportunities and capabilities

We begin by determining your options for leveraging data analytics to optimize performance, improve decision-making and grow revenue.




Create your data ecosystem


Using on-premises or cloud-based hosting, we bring together the infrastructure, applications, and analytics needed to tap into your data potential. We capture data from any source inside or outside of your company, including data from IoT devices, smart sensors, and more.

Build data models


To generate the insights you need, we find, create, and tailor models — whether you are after simple forecasting or advanced machine learning. Deep cross-industry expertise means our data analytics experts can customize data models to align with your specific vertical.


Making self-service analytics possible

Every user should be empowered to ask new questions and generate reports that answer them, without needing technical expertise. From reliable data governance frameworks to user-friendly dashboards, we build data analytics solutions that enable your team to fully explore data.


Understand and predict customer behavior

Upsell and cross-sell strategically

Using clickstream and CRM data, our data analysis company identifies the optimal strategies for upselling and cross-selling to individuals, increasing your revenue per customer


Build recommendation engines

We harness your sales data to create sophisticated recommendation models that plug seamlessly into your e-commerce tech stack

Reduce customer churn

Big data predictive analytics solutions that help to determine which customers will churn (and what would incentivize them to stay).


Optimize your operation

Accelerate routine decision-making

Many of the routine decisions made by humans can be carried out by plug-and-play data analytics solutions, freeing up employees’ time for value-creating activities


Adjust prices for locations and segments

By analyzing your sales and pricing data in combination with historical and current market trends, we can compute ideal pricing models that attract more sales

Minimize asset downtime

Predictive maintenance solutions determine how to efficiently schedule repairs to reduce downtime, and how to address technical problems before they happen


Make better financial decisions

Detect credit and fraud risks

Automate financial decision-making to get a fast credit score for any customer requesting a payment plan, or get instant notifications of fraud risks


Streamline your supply chain

Analyze and understand how all of your suppliers are performing to identify bottlenecks and see which vendors aren’t pricing competitively

Make smarter purchasing decisions

Monitor the life cycle and performance of any equipment you purchase or lease, so you can accurately determine which products give you the best ROI



We deliver data visualization solutions that fuse great analysis with compelling storytelling and drive your revenue


Reporting and Dashboard Development

Enable your business users to easily sort, filter, and drill down into the most complex data. And get more value with smart reports created on the fly. Strategic, operational, and analytical dashboards, we do them all, focusing on questions critical to your business


BI Integration and Migration

Migrate to a newer business intelligence environment smoothly, consolidating your BI tools across the enterprise to cut costs. Our data visualization company will help you navigate all perils on this path with industry-leading security measures and proper redesign

Reporting and Dashboard Optimization

Bring your dashboards and reporting to the next level with dramatic performance increases. As part of our data visualization services, we run health checks and optimize your implementations at different layers, from the data source to the data model, visuals, reports, and architecture


Combine your data visualizations with innovative solutions to get a powerful differentiator and beat the competition. Spanning state-of-the-art technologies, our data visualization services will help you turn your people into data heroes.


Managed expertly, transforming your data into a resonating story enables fast analysis and winning business decisions. Unlock the value of your data with our data visualization services to:


  • Improve the visibility of your day-to-day business operations
  • Identify failing business processes
  • Prioritize improvement efforts
  • Shorten business meetings
  • Unburden IT teams for value-added activities

  • Discover new market opportunities
  • Predict and act on changing customer behavior
  • Uncover underperforming products or areas
  • Understand the source of problems to prevent them from reoccurring
  • Price your products better



Business intelligence has changed. Forever. The arrival of AI in the business intelligence space has led to the new era of analytics – Augmented Analytics that leverages the latest AI capabilities to facilitate data ingestion and accelerate insights. Are you ready for change?



  • Data discovery & management
  • BI consulting

  • Data analysis
  • Report automation, data visualization & dashboards



Huge volumes of raw fragmented data, its velocity and variety create a roadblock that keeps analytics success out of reach.


We dig through the dark data you aren’t aware even exists to transform it into structured, consistent entities that pave the way for mining meaningful analytics insights and fuel a successful AI strategy.



To derive maximum value from data, enterprises need a solution that goes far beyond traditional BI tools. An Enterprise Data Platform (EDP) opens up a wealth of opportunities – breaking down organizational silos for more efficient cross-functional decision-making. We help you combine the best of all worlds into a single EDP.



  • Enterprise data architecture
  • EDP design, implementation, and support

  • Data warehouse migration
  • Data management and governance


Leverage the power of a data platform and gain a unified, granular view of all enterprise data and data sources.


Democratize data and make it accessible to non-tech business users in real-time based on user permissions, eliminate manual data processing, enable self-service analytics, get timely and trusted insights, infuse data into your workflows, and streamline data governance – all this and more to increase productivity and make smart strategic business decisions way faster.



  • Predictive analytics
  • Self-service BI
  • Customer and market insights

  • Data visualization
  • 360-degree customer view

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